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Logo: Asia Mobiliti
Image of Kuala Lumpur skyline

Zipabout in Malaysia

Part of a global drive to make urban public transport the only way to go in Malaysia.

Around the world, urban leaders and transport operators are working creatively to get people out of their cars and on to buses, trains and metros by making public transport more integrated and convenient. Zipabout has teamed up with global industry experts to bring personalised journey messaging to Kuala Lumpur, a dynamic city home to two million people.

In brief

We are working in partnership with the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education and Malaysian urban transit technology company Asia Mobiliti to integrate real-time messaging into the systems of Prasarana Malaysia, operators of Malaysia’s urban rail services. Zipabout’s unique personalised journey service will be an essential part of making Kuala Lumpur a smooth-running city and trailblazing the way for other global cities to follow.

The impact

With Zipabout on board, Prasarana will be able to gather and analyse insight into how the city’s transport system is working and how people use it Prasarana will be able to communicate with passengers individually and understand their transport needs, taking all the guess work out of infrastructure planning.