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Screenshot of rail journey plan including Voi scooter
Partnering with Voi Scooters for their first transport collaboration in the UK.

Before working with Zipabout, Voi had several transport partnerships across other European markets - but this is their first transport collaboration in the UK. Through our First & Last mile feature, the addition of a Voi scooter option ensures that all train passengers are aware they can use a carbon-neutral scooter to complement their journeys. Ultimately, this will reduce the number of short car journeys, improving our cities air quality, starting to shape cities for a greener future.

In brief

With a shared vision to improve the way people move around congested urban centres, we worked with Voi to offer a clean, efficient, cost-effective and zero-emission alternative to short car journeys.

With sustainable transport a bigger focus than ever, there was a clear demand for quick, easy transit options; especially in cities where there is good public transportation and infrastructure.

Building and developing our personalised messenger service - and our First & Last Mile feature - to include the Voi scooter option for passengers meant that people had a wider variety of choice when it came to everyday travel. It also meant that travellers were able to make greener, more informed journey choices.

The impact

Micro-mobility has proven to be a lifeline during the pandemic. Many people, particularly key workers, used Voi scooters to move around in the open-air, while still socially distancing around their cities.

The pandemic confirmed that e-scooters are an essential part of a safe and sustainable transport system, particularly for journeys of 1-3 miles. As we head towards the green recovery of our cities and towns, e-scooters will continue to play a strategic role in creating better cities for all, free of pollution and congestion.

By offering an e-scooter travel alternative, more people have access to a green, accessible and safe alternative mode of transport. This partnership gives us an opportunity to influence regulations positively, with the aim of e-scooters becoming an integral part of city transport planning.

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