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You're in good company

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Simple to get and use

No downloads or signups. No waiting. No problem.


We'll guide you around and alert you if there’s a problem ahead (with suggestions) rather than just show you a map (sooo last decade).

Illutration of a customer journey from home to destination
messaging icons: Messenger, WHatsApp, SMS, RCS etc

We're already in your pocket

We don't think you need (yet) another app. That's why we're already on your favourite messaging channels.

It's really smart

We know if it’s going to be busy and if there’s a disruption up ahead that might affect your journey. Then we guide you around the problem.

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Get there your own way

Don’t like crowds? Think steps suck? Or maybe you just fancy walking part of the way – Zipabout can sort it out.

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App free

No updates, no background creepiness, no impact on storage

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Always on

No need to boot up and log in - we'll let you know if there's a problem

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Safe and Secure

We don't capture or sell your sensitive personal data

Fabulous and fantastic features

All the features you'd expect - and a host of things you won't have seen elsewhere to keep you moving no matter what.

Features guide


Journey watch

Regular traveller? Don't want to have to look up your journey every time you travel? Don't worry - tell us how you travel and we'll keep an eye on things automatically


Door to door

We all know that problems can happen long before you reach your bus, train, ferry or 'plane! That's why we keep an eye on everything (even the weather!) so there are no nasty surprises.



We want to encourage you to find the most sustainable and enjoyable option, and we think you deserve a treat occasionally. That's why we work with partners along your route who want to spoil you.