Zipabout enables people
to move easily and
safely around our world.

Zipabout is designing the future of transport where
every journey is personalised.

For personalised, no problem journeys

Customised travel information that is truly personal and relevant to each specific journey

For live updates on the move   

Real-time insights, monitoring journeys as they happen and personalising information as people travel

Bringing customers to your door

Make customers feel safe at every stage of their journey and allow businesses to stagger footfall to manage safer spaces

For step-free, stress-free journeys

Help make the transport network accessible to all, ensuring everyone can move around without anxiety

For transport operators

Zipabout empowers you to plan and deliver safer, smarter journeys.

Zipabout works with transport leaders and providers, using exciting new digital technologies to transform the passenger experience.

For transport operators

Zipabout gives you a two-way relationship with your customers.

We give you unprecedented insights into the ways in which people actually use and interact with the transport network. Insights about real-life passenger behaviour and demand will enable better informed planning and scheduling decisions.

For government and policy makers

Zipabout is partnering with government to tackle today’s transport challenges.

Data innovation from Zipabout is providing government with practical answers to the world’s most pressing transport issues: safety, accessibility, sustainability, demand.

For government and policy makers

Insight into transport system demand and the ways in which people use it.

Building a picture of where passengers are travelling from and to helps with everything from service scheduling to the provision of car parking; an amazing tool for anyone responsible for investing in transport planning.

For events and venues

Easier, safer journeys with Zipabout bring people to your door.

Zipabout is giving passengers the information they need to be confident about using transport again.

For events and venues

Zipabout helps people to make travelling decisions based on personal factors.

It helps people to feel safe and comfortable at every stage of their journey. It allows operators to run services safely, and allows venues to stagger customers to manage safer spaces.


For your customers

UK wide door-to-door routing

Realtime multimodal routing

No app required for updates

Llive updates on any chanel (including your own)

Push messages




Helps people travel safely

For business

Regional and national behavioural insights

Integrate with existing systems, channels and apps

UK -wide data

2-way relationship with your users

Unlimited free messagaging on Messenger

Unlimited free push messaging in your apps and channels


4p per message
10p per message


4p per message

Revenue share

Proven service-level crowding data

Flow management for safe venues