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Real-time rail demand map

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Live Demand Map (UK)

This morning, when we saw the news about disruption on the rail network, we thought we'd have a look at our demand data to see what impact it was having - with limited services between York, Bristol and London we were sure there would be some interesting trends and predictions that of course won't feature in any historic data models.

As it's a rainy day, our CTO Dan threw together some dots on maps to help you visualise the impact! 

Like most dots on maps, this is not operationally useful but simply a way of visualising complex data!

Using this map

Currently this map shows every live rail service in the UK alongside its current performance (e.g. if it's on time or not) and its relative 'Busyness'. Drag it to an area that interests you, and wait whilst it loads any trains running in that area. You can hover over each train to understand:

- Where it is going
- If it's on time
- How busy it will be between different stations

You can tilt and rotate the map by holding down 'Ctrl' and dragging the map canvas.

To really understand our 'Busyness' gauge you need to read this, but this is a relative value that shows you the difference between individual services and is NOT based on whether or not you will get a seat! The idea is to help identify trends to find quieter times to travel – one of many ways we can help you travel easily and safely.