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Encourage people out of their cars

Zipabout helps local authorities achieve Low Traffic Neighbourhoods for their residents.

Reduce air pollution, lower collision rates, increase community activity and increase the physical activity of residents by enabling more people to walk, cycle and use environmentally friendly transport.

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and optimised Emissions Zones

Easy for people to get and use...

There when they need it. Customers access journey guidance from wherever you put the QR code
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Customers receive door-to- door journey information and live alerts via any of your channels
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They control their journey - from avoiding steps and crowds to adding to their step-count
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Incentivise and reward behaviour change and loyalty with easily redeemed real-time rewards
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Change for the better

Incentivise public transport

Reward sustainable behavioural change with targeted incentives and loyalty programmes.

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Reward greener choices

Encourage greener journeys by integrating micro-mobility and shared mobility options with your network.

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Get people out of cars

Cut single car use by vastly improving the public transport experience and enticing people with attractive alternatives.

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The data you need to optimise networks

Use behavioural insights to broaden your transport services to reach remote communities and the mobility impaired. Create demand responsive transport systems which really meet traveller need based on real-time intelligence and insight.
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All fully privacy-compliant and 100% ethical

Sustainable economic growth

It's really smart

Support your local economy by creating an integrated transport network which connects travellers with businesses and event venues.
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Encourage a return to the high street and boost local revenue by offering easier, safer journeys for customers.

Improve Passenger experience

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Meet the transport needs of your residents and visitors, helping them get around safely and easily - even during disruption.
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Provide a smoother experience with real-time personalised information to avoid disruption and crowding.
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Open up the conversation and reach them directly on the channels they trust. No download, no registration - start the conversation.


Benefit from the expertise of our trusted research partners and your local universities to identify and tackle your transport challenges.

We’ll work with you to support and enable your research bids and grant-funded mobility programmes.

Gain actionable insight and knowledge for your transport strategies by joining our city network.
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Get started...

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