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How does our Itinerary feature benefit your passengers?

How does our Itinerary feature benefit passengers?

We’ve officially launched our new Itinerary feature – a tool that keeps passengers in the know, on the go.
October 17, 2022

We’ve officially launched our new Itinerary feature – a tool that keeps passengers in the know, on the go.

So, what is Itinerary? And how does it work to improve the passenger experience?

Itinerary: what is it?

To support train operators in their mission to protect rail passengers, our Itinerary feature has been put in place to ease anxious travelling and optimise safety at every stage of a journey. Linked to some of our other features – such as Now & Next – Itinerary is an added extra that aims to take away the anxiety and hassle that often comes with travelling. Ahead of any planned journey, Itinerary will provide a concise snapshot of the passenger’s travel route, all while delivering consistent updates and checking in at regular intervals.  

A helping hand for transport operators, Itinerary works to present the relevant information to passengers in real-time. As a visual tool, it presents all necessary travel details, such as the date and time of departure, location information and will even let passengers know what the weather is like at their destination. To alleviate any concerns for passengers who like to thoroughly plan their journeys, Itinerary also leads the user to our other features that display station information, such as accessibility routes and toilet facilities. With Itinerary, a passenger can start their day feeling assured and confident that their journey will run smoothly; enhancing customer satisfaction and making day-to-day rail operations much more seamless.

Itinerary: how does it work?

When passengers plan their journey via Zipabout on either Messenger or WhatsApp, they’ll automatically opt-in to the travel updates that are relevant to them, as well as route disruption and busyness alerts. The Itinerary feature is triggered two hours before travel, giving passengers a clear preview – or reminder – of their upcoming journey. It also notifies users of the weather at their arrival location, giving them the opportunity to use our Last Mile feature when they reach their destination. This can be anything from finding the nearest taxi rank to booking an e-Scooter.

What does Itinerary do for transport operators?

Itinerary is an added bonus to everything else that Zipabout delivers. It offers that little bit of extra information that passengers often need to feel at ease with their journey. Ultimately, it takes away the uncertainty of what a journey looks like – a big help for passengers who are travelling alone, feel anxious on trains or are vulnerable when travelling.  

This reassurance gives passengers peace of mind and puts them in control of their everyday journeys, encouraging a wider return to rail.