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Passenger holding mobile phone with now & next feature

How does Now & Next benefit your passengers?

We’ve officially launched our new Now & Next feature. But what is it? And how does it benefit passengers?
April 4, 2022

We’ve officially launched our new Now & Next feature – a tool that keeps passengers in the know, on the go.

So, what is Now & Next? And how does it work to improve the passenger experience?

Now & Next: what is it?

Now & Next has been developed to take away the anxiety that often comes with travelling. It keeps passengers updated with each leg of their journey, from where their journey begins to where they’ll be going next. With live routing and a journey tracker available at the touch of a button, we can always make passengers aware of any problems that occur.

A huge perk for transport operators, Now & Next works to present the relevant information to passengers in real-time. Perhaps someone needs help or has a complex requirement that is making it difficult for them to navigate the station environment? Or maybe they need information you don't have, like how many bikes and scooters there are near the station, or where the nearest bus is. With Now & Next, this information is on-hand at all times, which in turn improves rail services, enhances customer satisfaction and makes day-to-day business much more seamless.

Now & Next: how does it work?

When passengers plan their journey via Zipabout, they’ll automatically opt-in to the travel updates that are relevant to them, as well as route disruption and busyness alerts. The Now & Next feature is readily available to use at any point in a journey, giving passengers a live tracker that shows the progress of any train. It also notifies users of the weather at their arrival location, giving them the opportunity to use our Last Mile feature when they reach their destination. This can be anything from finding the nearest taxi rank to booking an e-Scooter.

What does Now & Next do for transport operators?

Not only does Now & Next offer full visibility of an entire journey, but it also addresses and combats the issue of anxious travelling. It takes away the uncertainty of what a journey looks like, giving passengers peace of mind – especially if they’re unfamiliar with the railway or don’t take trains on a regular basis. It also offers a wider scope of information, from station details and complex multi-leg routing to waiting times and crowding alerts.  

It's not limited to trains either. Our Now & Next feature will also include live bus and scooter connections, giving passengers additional transport options before and after their train journey. This leaves transport operators with a bigger gap to fill, providing them with an opportunity go the extra mile and offer consumers a better travel experience.