P&O Ferries

Road freight and service optimisation

Project overview

By analysing historic and realtime traffic flows in the UK and France and freight
transit times between Dover and Calais (and the many routes that serve each port) we have helped P&O Ferries
understand how investment in new ships can give them a competitive edge on the
English Channel.

Our interactive tools – which visualise traffic
flow data from multiple sources and operational datasets from P&O and
relevant port authorities – show how events, traffic control measures and
crossing schedules affect how quickly freight can get from UK to European road
networks on a P&O ferry. The tools place P&O’s transit times in a
comparative context with their main competitors, highlighting the factors required
to offer the best cross-Channel service for freight and allowing them to make
fully informed design and scheduling decisions in realtime.


By understanding traffic flow across the Channel, they can maximise capacity, improve customer experience, and ultimately influence how freight crosses the Channel in the future. While everyone is guessing how freight transit will be affected by Brexit, having the best possible understanding of the current situation means P&O are better informed about the future than anyone else.