In a nutshell

The Zipabout platform is a big-data platform specifically designed for complex multi-modal transport networks. machine learning, graph and personalisation technology means we can deliver seamless journeys for everyone.


Train, bus, ship and tram movement in realtime. Road flow, weather, air quality models. Behaviour, demand, disruption. Cascade models, load balanced routing, delay prediction. All the things you need to keep your network running.

Using it

The platform is provided by tailored API to suit your business needs. One size never fits all, so we've included a few examples below to illustrate the wide range of applications that our clients rely on us to power.

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Transport operators

Provides vital information about the ways in which passengers use their transport system and how they want it to work, including insights into real-life passenger behaviour and demand to inform planning and service design, improve efficiency and deliver cost-savings.

Transport projects
Smart cities

Smart city analytics shows behavioural usage of local infrastructure merged with conditional and operational data - from car parks and sentiment to air quality - helping you make informed decisions around usage and investment. Entirely free for local authorities, we'll even host your data for you.

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Disruptive transport

We can't make vehicles drive themselves, and it's probably best we don't try. But we can integrate them with the network and their users. Predictive demand, deployment and disruption management and multi-modal integration are all part of the platform.

CAV projects
Freight & logistics

The Zipabout platform started with a capacity-optimisation project for the London 2012 Olympics, and that capability remains at its core. Multi-modal, door-to-door optimisation is in everything we do - whether that's people on buses on the roads or packages in containers at sea.

Freight and logistics projects
Investment & modelling

As agent-based modelling becomes more accessible for investment managers and strategic advisors, the agents themselves tend to miss the nuances of the real world. We can help build your models around the real world, and our data can help you win bids or better serve your clients.

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