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What are we doing to step-change sustainability?

We talk a lot about sustainability. But how can we be a key player in reducing CO2 emissions? And what are we doing as a business to help?
December 6, 2021

As a business that focusses on the accessibility and convenience of public transport, we talk a lot about sustainability. We know that transport will be at the forefront of reducing CO2 emissions for a long time to come. But how can we be a key player in making it happen? And what are we doing to help?

In a world where everyone is looking for a sustainable solution to things, we believe that businesses should self-reflect and ask themselves what they’re doing to contribute to those solutions. That’s why we’ve partnered with ZeroBees, a platform that makes it easy and affordable for companies like us to reduce our own climate impact and achieve our net zero goals. Because when we talk about being more sustainable, we really mean it.

Zipabout: who are we?

It’s not exactly breaking news that public transport is one of the best routes to a greener future. But local councils and public bodies are struggling to improve transport networks as they’re often not providing the information needed for seamless passenger journeys. This in turn makes it tricky to encourage wider public transport use. That’s where we come in.

Zipabout helps transport operators balance sustainability, economic growth and transport requirements to improve quality of life for all, without using yet another app.

Our platform puts passengers first, offering personalised travel routes, real-time disruption alerts, tailored loyalty rewards and much more. Our overall mission? To make the use of public transport accessible, user-friendly and more sustainable for everyone.  

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Our sustainability goals

We think it’s important that businesses and organisations show the journey they’re on regarding climate impacts, with real transparency and authenticity. This is why we want to shout about our objectives, loud and proud.

We partnered with ZeroBees, an innovative carbon foot-printing tech platform, to further understand our own carbon footprint across our value chain and to set meaningful reduction targets, such as:

• Supporting the net zero targets of the authorities and clients we work with, including reducing single car use.

• Inspiring our own team and employees to effect change in reducing their carbon footprint.

• Working with industry experts and advisors to maximise our sustainability potential.

It’s great to have goals. But how are we going to achieve them?

With the help of ZeroBees’ proprietary tech, we’ll have clear strategies and recommendations on how to maximise sustainability within our own business sector, supply chain and product. Something we think all businesses should be striving for. Only together will we be able to deliver the decarbonisation we need to see in the world.

ZeroBees: our partnership

Setting out transparent goals and objectives is just the starting point for our organisational assessment and partnership. Once a reduction plan and strategy is firmly in place, we’ll work with ZeroBees to regularly report back on our baseline, our targets and how we’re progressing against them.

“ZeroBees uses deep sector knowledge and science-based calculations to unlock meaningful insights into an organisations’ greenhouse gas footprint. Measuring and – critically – understanding the drivers of greenhouse gas emissions across your value chain is the first step in engaging with your impacts as an organisation. Then comes the target setting and reduction plan.

We’re delighted that Zipabout has chosen to work with us to demonstrate their commitment to understanding and reducing their own climate impacts and understanding – to show that not only do they enable travellers to make more environmentally friendly choices, but they themselves are also doing everything they can to reduce their environmental impacts.”
Toby Radcliffe, Co-Founder of ZeroBees

Not only is it crucial for passengers to be more aware of how their travel choices effect the environment, it’s also down to us as a business to make a positive impact. We’re working with transport operators and local authorities to improve the public transport networks and make travelling sustainably a far smoother, more enjoyable experience for everyone.

But we’re also making sure that those environmentally conscious choices translate internally into action for us as a business, and that the journey we’re embarking on with ZeroBees to reduce our climate impact as much as possible sets a positive example for others to follow.

Crispin Humm, Commercial Director at Zipabout