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3 phones showing the Zipabout journey planner

Why you don't need a journey planner...

All UK train operators already have free access to the Zipabout journey planning system - and it truly is all singing and all dancing.
February 22, 2023

All UK train operators already have free access to the Zipabout journey planning system. And it truly is all singing and all dancing. At Zipabout, we are guilty of not talking about our journey planner – because we do so much else. But it’s worth running through all the features that come as standard:

Big big big data

Zipabout layers real-time travel information from a wide range of sources along with predictive data. So rail customers can plan around weather, delays and strikes. (We see a 40% uplift in users immediately before and after strike days.) Our journey planner works for all kinds of trips – from a planned-in-advance holiday to someone popping out to catch the bus into town.

Uniquely, the Zipabout journey planner incorporates live information and offers alternatives, so if a train started out from Glasgow and got delayed, customers going from Birmingham to Oxford have time to think about a different journey - before they leave the house.

Personalisation IS accessibility

All these layers of information also gives you understanding about how each specific customer wants to travel. For example, not every disabled person travelling is a wheelchair user. Some people need step-free access. Some people are anxious. Some people need to be near a toilet. For some people, all of the above apply.

In 2019/20, 21% of the population in England – that’s 11.5 million people - reported a disability. But in 2020, disabled adults in England made 28% fewer trips than non-disabled adults. The Zipabout planner can give these customers the confidence of being able to plan the journey they want – it’s not always about the quickest or most direct trip.

ALL the modes

What Zipabout does on rail is instantly available for other journey legs taken on other modes – how customers get to and from the station. Every bus in the UK is already in our system, so is every park and ride, and we partner with the UK’s major scooter and e-bike providers – making sustainable travel seamless for customers.

All the customers

The Zipabout journey planner can save commuters’ regular journeys and travel patterns. So if anything goes wrong, our system will let them know what they need to know. There’s no need for a customer to plan the same journey over and over again.

By keeping train customers travelling confidently and happily, Zipabout keeps them moving and helps operators deliver sustainable change.