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Zoe Turner - Zipabout Senior Account Manager

Say hello to Zoe Turner - our Senior Account Manager

We feel it’s important to showcase the people behind everything we do. Starting with someone many of our clients already know – our Senior Account Manager, Zoe Turner.
November 28, 2022

As a business that works closely with transport operators, passengers and retail partners, we want people to know who we are and what goes on day-to-day at Zipabout HQ.

We’ve come a long way in the last few years, transitioning from start-up to scale-up, elevating our tech and growing our team. That’s why it’s important to showcase the people behind it all. Starting with someone many of our clients already know – our Senior Account Manager, Zoe Turner.  

Your role at Zipabout:

In a nutshell, I’m the general day-to-day contact for our clients; proactively supporting our commercial relationships and partnerships.

In less of a nutshell, I’m the person our partners come to for anything and everything. I coordinate who needs to be involved from our side, so that we can action anything they need. Essentially, I’m the client's voice within the business, and the business’ voice to the client.

As well as working closely with people outside of the business, I liaise with every team in-house, gaining input from Tech, PR and Comms. My job is to translate what clients need to the team, to ensure that we meet deadlines and to help the client get the most out of our product.

I’m also heavily involved in the measuring of success for clients, reporting back usage stats and understanding the breakdown of how people are using our product for future forecasting.

Your overview of Zipabout:

At the forefront, we are a personalised real-time messaging service. But as a business, Zipabout is much more than that. We’re an ethics-first digital product that puts real people at the centre of everything. It’s all about surfacing as much data and detail we can so that users, clients and partners can act on it. We don’t track sensitive personal data, we don’t ask people to download another app that eats up their phone storage, we don’t infringe on anyone’s privacy or ask users to create an account. We simply get people where they need to be, throwing them a few perks and rewards along the way.

When I’m talking to clients about what we do, I like to give them the full picture by using a cup of coffee as an example. From a customer perspective, passengers can get a free cup of coffee if they choose to travel on the quieter train. From a retail perspective, stores can get customers in the door and upsell their products. From a transport perspective, operators can influence passengers to manage demand levels and inform timetabling decisions. This in turn supports our efforts towards sustainable transport, incentive-led travel and smart cities. There’s much more to us than a simple journey planner.

Your vision of Zipabout in the future:

Zipabout are on the cusp of lots of exciting projects. We already have pull from international markets and will be making the break into Europe to onboard clients across the globe.

Although we’re predominantly rail at the moment, we’re also delving into the opportunities around bus, ferry and air travel.

I also think we’ll be more diverse in terms of locations we’re working in, and where our product is offered. So, the business itself will likely be international, with different teams working in different cities to eradicate language barriers.

A huge branch of the Zipabout tree is AdTech. And this is something that will definitely grow and grow for us – the opportunities with our offering in this space are endless. We could be looking at everything from retail partners and big sporting events to hospitality venues and all-round experiences for users.

Your favourite things about your role:

I’m a big people person – so dealing with a range of clients and partners gives me a real challenge. Everyone has their own individual needs and struggles that I’m helping to eradicate and fix. I enjoy playing a big part in solving issues for people and getting them to the next step.

A big element of what I do is understanding the patterns of how our product is developing and what we can do take it one step further. So, on a more analytical note, I love diving into data and analysing results – especially when they’re improving every month!

Ultimately though, I really enjoy working for a smaller company and having a larger responsibility. Zipabout gives you the opportunity to be autonomous and free-thinking, while also working with other teams to strive towards a larger goal. There are no drab, overly corporate processes that have been passed down for years and outgrown themselves. It’s fresh. You get to shape your role and your function to how it suits you.

The growth of Zipabout:

Since I started here just over two years ago, so many developments and projects have launched. From our Local product and Umbrella contract to new product features and an ever-growing team, the business has grown exponentially.

We’ve also moved to a brand-new office in Leamington which I love – although the array of tasty lunch options have not been great for my waistline!

Your route to Zipabout:

I studied for a degree in Event & Venue Management while I was working in hospitality – this is where I realised I didn’t want a career as a wedding planner as there are far too many bridezilla mums to deal with!

When I was working in hotels, I was planning everything from weddings and baby showers to business meetings and funeral receptions. Then, I transitioned into digital marketing, primarily in SEO. From there, I found my feet in account management. This is the role that resonated with me the most. I enjoyed the combination of looking after people and helping a business achieve something. The account management roles I’ve had eventually led me out of marketing and into the world of tech – and here I am!

Zipabout appealed to me because it aligns massively with who I am as a person and what drives me. With my background in events, I’m excited to see us progress in this space – helping users get to events safely and on time, while assisting transport operators with demand and crowding. On a more personal note, my biggest passion in life is sports. So, knowing that Zipabout can get me to my football away day with enough time for a few pints beforehand is a bonus!