‘Impressive’ Zipabout personalised messaging stands out for transport users

Passenger survey by Transport Focus returns unanimously positive feedback for Alert Me by Messenger

May 6, 2021

Zipabout’s personalised Alert Me disruption messages havebeen highlighted as impressive, easy to use and a vital tool in encouraging passengers to return safely to using public transport, according to a new report by Transport Focus.

The report surveyed users on a Transport focus panel andasked them to evaluate the Alert Me service as a channel for journey information and disruption updates. According to feedback, the service was ‘unanimously well received’, while the link to National Rail Enquiries was considered ‘a marker of reliability’ and users were ‘fundamentally very impressed with the tool’. Most importantly, they said, Alert Me appeared to help reduce crowding thanks to the real-time insights it provides into the busyness of thetransport service, and in doing so, allayed passenger concerns around travelling during Covid.

“I like the look of it. Seems really easy to use and means Idon’t have to be ducking in and out of apps to check the status of my train/bus…I think it’s designed to let you know if there are delays or particular services which are busy, this is very useful at the moment where people will want to socially distance as much as possible.”
Male, 41, SouthEast (bus)

Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said:
“As restrictions ease and more people return to public transport in the coming weeks, it will get harder for passengers to maintain social distancing at busier times. Reliable information can help passengers plan, avoid busier services and make social distancing easier. It’s vital that more transport operators share this information and keep it up to date so people can make informed decisions.”
You can read the full Transport Focus report here