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2021 wrapped: what did we do?

As we near the end of the year, we’re reflecting on everything we’ve achieved as a business. Check out our highlights!
December 31, 2021

As we near the end of the year, we’re reflecting on everything we’ve achieved as a business. From everything we've developed and the new features we've launched, to onboarding new clients and enjoying the grand opening of our brand new office, it's safe to say it's been a very busy year!

Here’s just a few of our highlights from 2021!

Launched our messenger service on WhatsApp to make live travel updates more accessible for customers and to collaborate with more messaging operators – a global first!

Read more about our WhatsApp launch here.

Began our retail trial with WHSmith to offer rewards to passengers.

Our retail trial was a huge step in developing our platform further, allowing passengers travelling through selected stations to redeem loyalty rewards.

Train travellers using National Rail's Alert Me service on Messenger or WhatsApp were able to opt-in to receive rewards - such as a free cup of coffee - during their journey. This retail pilot aimed to reward customers for travelling by train, taking an alternative service if their chosen train is predicted to be busy or if they experience a delay.

Started working with SSP Group on an additional retail trial, delivering rewards to passengers on a wider scale.

Find out more about our retail trials with SSP Group and WHSmith here.

Integrated our Voi offering with the railway, which is now available to all transport operators we’re working with.

After developing our personalised messenger service - and our First & Last Mile feature - to include the Voi e-scooter option for passengers, our partnership with Voi was integrated with all of our transport operator platforms. This meant that people had a wider variety of choice when it came to everyday travel across a wider range of networks. It also meant that travellers were able to make greener, more informed journey choices.

Launched more exciting features on our platform, such as Last Mile.

New product feature alert! Our Last Mile integration gave passengers the option to reach their final destination. Whether it be by taxi, bus, e-scooter or a leisurely stroll, our technology is able to identify which travel route is the best option for each individual passenger, based on their personal preferences and travel habits.

Find out more about Last Mile here.

Attended the Twilio conference, unlocking new business opportunities and enhancing our technology further.

We attended a range of conferences throughout 2021 where we had the opportunity to share ideas and future forecasts with partners, clients and likeminded businesses across the globe. These opportunities have led to major tech developments at Zipabout, as well as new partnerships.

Introduced new clients – like EMR and C2C – to our platform, working closely to develop more personalised features for customers.

We officially began working with East Midlands Railway (EMR) and Country to Country (C2C), adding two huge names to our list of transport operator partners in the UK.

Became a resilience fund finalist, leading to the development of our local product which will be launched early next year.

Watch this space...

And finally...we opened our brand new office in a stunning central location in Royal Leamington Spa.

Zipabout office sign