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QR code on bus stop

Direct Onboarding

We get it - you just want to get there. You don't want to use your data allowance to download an app, or spend 10 minutes trying to sign up and register, and you don't want to have to go hunting for contacts on twitter, you just need to know what's happening - right here, right now.

Zipabout offer direct access to realtime information from location specific QR codes - for any bus stop, platform, train, plane or automobile. One scan and we can give you an update, whether you want to know when the next bus is or how to get to your final destination from your arrival station. No need to stay in touch if you don't want to.

Contextual QR codes are great for venues, retailers and transport operators too. Provide quick and easy access to vital information during disruption, or help people travel safely to and from your venue - all without any heavy investment (as all you need is a printer!).


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