Working from home & Covid-19

We have a flexible approach to how our team work, but we're unable to support international remote workers - you have to be able to come to the relevant office once a week, we can't do everything on Zoom!


Zipabout is following government guidance and currently all staff are working from home (WFH) with a weekly catch-up in the office. We hope that this will change, and that we can see more of each other as a team in the future, but for the time being all roles can be largely - if not wholly - executed remotely.

Flexible... but we still need to see you

It is likely that we will continue to support a mix of WFH and office based work in the future, however there will still be a requirement to come to the office on a weekly basis.

Right to work & remote work

All applicants must have the right to work in the UK and must be UK residents - as much as we're all getting used to catching up on Zoom it's essential that you can make it to the office at short notice - and probably weekly.