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Working from home & Covid-19

Hybrid Working

Following our experience with COVID-19 Zipabout has moved to a hybrid working model.  We have a lovely office in the heart of Leamington Spa that is open every working day from 0900 – 1730.  We love the flexibility that hybrid working gives us but …we still need to see you!

We ask that you come into the office a min of 3 days a week. We find that this face-to-face time is highly valuable enabling us to collaborate and innovate across teams. Zipabout fully supports flexible working and understands that we all have a life outside work to juggle, if you need to balance school runs, someone’s coming to fix the boiler or you need to drive your elderly dad to the doctor that’s all fine – just let us know.

Half day Fridays

We operate a 4.5 day working week giving you Friday afternoons to catch up on personal admin/walk the dog/just have a coffee. We do need to highlight that this is a privilege and relies on the team demonstrating that they can maintain the same level of productivity during their working week.  There may be occasions when client meetings/deadlines mean that work still needs to take priority.

Right to Work

Applicants must have the right to work in the UK and must be UK residents - as much as we're all getting used to catching up on Zoom it's essential that you can make it to the office at short notice – we cannot support remote roles.

We do have the ability to sponsor Skilled Worker visas in limited circumstances; if you require sponsorship please flag this in your application. We are not able to support international relocation.