How it works

Zipabout connects your passenger via Messenger (or any digital channel) to the Zipabout platform, enabling you to provide them with live, personalised communications aligned to their door-to-door journey.

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Underpinned by an ethical and GDPR-compliant consent model developed in partnership with the DfT, the passenger remains in control at all times.

Make it personal

Ongoing conversations with passengers not only increases engagement but also drives analytics to help you improve your services.

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Seamless journeys

By connecting your passengers and users to the Zipabout platform you can provide automated, real-time information to help with as much - or as little - of their journey as you like. Door-to-door or just station-to-station, we can keep them up to date with any disruption and get them home.

Understand your passengers

By understanding the passenger, Zipabout enables otherwise impossible business intelligence. Whether you need to redesign services, inform behavioural change and sustainable transport models or power disruptive initiatives (MaaS, CAV, DRT et al), the passenger comes first.

Enhanced customer experience

Say sorry. Buy them a coffee when you're running late, or treat them to a day out when you have the capacity. Create loyalty schemes, rewards and incentives that are entirely personal to them. Nobody wants 2-for-1 anymore, so make it count.

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