Stand out!

We get lots of applications - lots and lots - so if you think you can make a difference to what we do we need to be able to quickly and easily get to know you. The following is a quick guide to making sure we spot you.


We look for people with passion for what they do, ambition and an ability to look outside the box - it goes without saying that your written and verbal communication is flawless, but it won't hurt if you have a sense of humour!

Waffling self aggrandisement and biz-dev jargon won't win you any points here - we need people who are going to bring some spark and enthusiasm for the role whilst proving they can be a trusted and valued member of the team.

Compulsory cover letter!

Part written test, part opportunity to let your personality shine through, the covering letter is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of your application. If you can't be bothered to write one, don't expect to hear back from us!

Why do we insist on a letter you may ask?

1. It shows us that you bothered to read the job advert, understand the role and can follow simple instructions...

2. It shows us that you have an eloquent and charming command of written English...

3. It helps us understand why you think you'd be good for the role and what you'd bring to the team...

4. It shows us you have more imagination than just writing 'I work well on my own or as part of a team'...

We don't want a narrative of every job you've ever had - that's in your CV - we want to know why you'd be an awesome addition to the team and why we'd be mad not to get you on board. Don't just send us that generic letter you wrote for a completely different job and hope we don't notice - this is your chance to show us who you are and why we need you!

no covering letter, no reply!

Creative roles

If you are applying for a creative role, it is vital that you include some samples of your work - this can be links to online portfolios or work, an attached PDF or even your degree project. We get loads of applications, so I'm afraid if we can't see it, you can't be considered!


Initial interviews will be conducted remotely, although (subject to government guidelines and respecting social distancing) a face-to-face chat may be necessary before a role can be confirmed


They're informal and friendly - but we'd like to think you had taken time to understand a little bit about the role and the company. Think of it as popping in for coffee and ask as many questions as you like.

We love our work, and we enjoy what we do - but we have a strict policy on everybody going home on time. As such, we are unable to offer interviews out of office hours or at the weekend.

Please consider this when applying - as much as we are currently working remotely, you will need to live within reach of the office and able to come in at short notice.


We’re not your usual tech team that’s for sure! We’re an eclectic mix, coming from backgrounds as diverse as creative agencies, advertising and journalism. Being part of this superb team means you should befully engaged and on board our business journey with us, contributing wherever you can – whether it’s input into product design or helping to organise the next ‘Punting With Pimms Picnic’.

A sense of humour is very much welcome, as is a 'crack on and do it' attitude, and whilst we have a great ethic in terms of flexibility and getting the job done, it’s not all work and no play! We have been known to spend many a long lunch away from the office discussing company updates and ideas, and it’s usually those afternoons by the river with a cool glass of something that are the most creative...

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