What do we do?

The Zipabout platform works for everybody. Fundamentally, it makes the world a better place to get around in. It improves the experience of using transport and, at the same time, helps those delivering them to run them more efficiently.

Our team

We're an eclectic mix of senior players from a variety of industries - B2C agencies, hard-core developers, comms professionals - and that varied experience is what gives us the edge in what we do.

Meet the team
Join us!

We invest in our people, because they're too good to lose. Experience, passion and perhaps a slightly different way of looking at things are a good start!

Once upon a time...

Three guys living in diametrically opposite parts of London trying to figure out if they had time for a final pint. ‘How long to the station?’ ‘When’s the next train?’ ‘Is it on time?’ ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that told you whether you could fit in one more round?’

And so it began

That simple idea has become a lot more complex, but the original insight still stands. The transport information currently available is extremely poor despite improvements in the personalisation of information. And access to transport information and, therefore, to transport, is getting harder - particularly for those who are less well-off.


Our original focus was the customer, but we soon realised there was a disconnect between the people who run transport systems and those who provide transport information. We needed to help them – local authorities, operators, airports – to deliver the information their customers really needed, in a similar way that Über and Google serve their users.