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Homes For Ukraine: Hot-desks for remote workers

Leamington Spa
Temporary / fixed term
Leamington Spa
Temporary / fixed term

Hot-desks in Leamington Spa for remote workers on the Homes For Ukraine scheme

Zipabout is keen to support the Homes for Ukraine scheme by offering remote-working Ukrainian guests access to our Leamington Spa office as a base to work from. We hope this will:

  • Let you experience a relaxed British working environment. 
  • Give you somewhere different to work from if you are working in your bedroom!
  • Let you chat to our colleagues about their experience and work in the UK (we have Ukrainian and Russian speaking colleagues!)
  • Practice your English.
  • Meet a few new people and perhaps join us for social events .

We know that some of you might be working in bedrooms and missing the atmosphere and environment of an office, or leaving the house, so we thought we could open up some spare desks (as well as our tea, coffee, and biscuits!) as a trial.

NB. This is not an offer of employment, simply an offer to carry out your existing remote work from our office

Core duties

Initially we are offering ‘hot desks’ for a limited number of Ukrainian guests to use, for 2 days a week on a 1 month trial basis. We hope it will work well, and we will be able to extend the offer for a much longer period, but as this is a new idea for us we have to test it first!

Obviously our office is not an internet cafe, and we must consider security, confidentiality and the productivity of our colleagues, so there are a few rules and processes we must go through first...

Vital experience


You must:

  • Be registered on the Homes for Ukraine scheme and be living with a local sponsor.
  • Already be employed (it doesn't matter where!) and in need of space to work remotely.
  • Have your own laptop or equipment.


You should submit:

  1. A quick letter introducing yourself and explaining why you'd like to work in our office, and what sort of work you do. THIS IS VITAL! It does not need to be a long letter, but we must understand what you do and what you want to use our office for. If you do not attach a note introducing yourself and explaining your needs, we cannnot offer you a desk.
  2. Proof of your registration on the Homes for Ukraine scheme
  3. A copy of your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile

Applications without these 3 pieces of information cannot be considered! Don't worry if you have to use google translate, it's not a test, we just want to understand what sort of work you are doing and what you need from us.

We will then meet suitable applicants for a coffee to make sure the opportunity is suitable for your needs. If you are successful we will ask you to sign a simple 'intern' agreement in order to comply with our statutory workplace requirements and to outline professional expectations for both parties.

NB. This is not an offer of employment, and company benefits are only open to fulltime staff