Product Manager

There's a lot going on at the moment, so we need an experienced juggler to keep the plates spinning and avoid mixing any more metaphors.

Permanent - full time
Leamington Spa / Flexible

We've got a great tech team, but they get pulled in different directions A LOT. We need someone who speaks tech and can align development sprints with the ever-changing commercial needs of the company and clients.


Part production manager, part account manager, you'll be used to herding cats and managing external and internal expectations and you will come from a product or dev-led background where you will be well used to goals moving! No stranger to Jira and the good points of being Agile (including a good understanding of where it works and where it doesn't!), you'll have a few years experience in a fast-moving technical environment and will be used to managing and communicating the output of a team.

Core duties

  • Translate commercial needs into product deliverables
  • Own the internal and external product roadmaps
  • Coordinate the whole tech team, constantly managing sprints, epics and fixes
  • Plan and work with tech team to deploy releases and take responsibility of product QA
  • Coordinate the UX / UI team to provide the assets the product needs
  • Communicate deliverables to clients and partners
  • Document high-level requirements
  • Support the Product Owner and Account Managers
  • Manage all aspects of in-life products, including customer feedback, requirements, and issues

Vital experience

3 years experience in a product / production management role for a tech-led company.

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