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Seamless journeys

We envisage a future where every transport decision - by individual commuters, planners and operators - is based on genuine knowledge and true insight. We think every journey should be a seamless journey.

How we do it

By leveraging data from all available sources, and integrating it with digital technology, we can inform and support the planning and operation of transport systems for the benefit of all. We are offering this invaluable knowledge and insight to policy-makers, transport operators and travellers through a range of innovative, easy-to-use products.

Personal journeys

The personal journey lies at the heart of our service. It offers travellers all the information they need, and no more than they need, to plan specific journeys, taking into consideration all transport modes and other issues.

Passenger Connect

By connecting your passengers and users to the Zipabout platform you can provide automated, real-time information to help with as much - or as little - of their journey as you like. Door-to-door or just station-to-station, we can keep them up to date with any disruption and get them home.

Passenger Connect
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