Zipabout Platform

The Zipabout Platform is a data aggregation and communications platform for the transport industry. Utilising the latest cloud-based technologies, including real-time data processing, serverless computing and NoSQL/Graph databases, we process, normalised and aggregate massive amounts of operational, environmental and behavioural data across the entire transport network.


Delivered as a set of highly customisable API’s and Mobile SDK’s, the platform is designed to be integrated into your existing digital transport information systems, including journey planners and ticket/retailing platforms, and provides the following core functionality:

  • Real-time, historic and predictive travel information across all modes, including rail, bus, road (including Park+Ride), cycle, walking and shared/private transport services
  • Highly detailed, real-time customer behaviour analytics, predicted passenger demand and customer experience monitoring across all channels including social media.
  • Targeted and personalised communication capability integrated with your existing digital channels. The Zipabout platform integrates seamlessly with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), your Web and Mobile Apps, CRM systems, and even enables push-based communications with your customers and passengers through third party channels.



Unique Architecture

Our background in online advertising technology has brought a unique approach to delivering complex, real-time data processing and communication functionality to the transport sector. Working in close partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we utilise the latest cloud-based technology, some unique to the transport sector, to consume and aggregate 100’s millions of data points every day. We track everything from the detailed movement of every vehicle, high resolution weather and air quality data, through to individual passenger interactions with the transport network, all in real-time and across all modes.

The platform is licensed under a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, and is modular allowing for individual components to be integrated separately, or combined to provide a complete platform for integrated MaaS and Intelligent Mobility applications and services.

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