Personalised Transport Information

Real-time and predicted transport information has previously made us of ‘broadcast’ based services, such as the ineffective and resource-intensive use of Twitter or reliance on customers checking websites and updates before they travel. As customers fight through the ever-increasing overload of data, the problem is getting worse, not better – sending them updates for journeys they never make is the problem, not the solution.

With support from the DfT, Zipabout have produced a personalised transport information service, provided through a set of API/SDKs for integration into your own apps or social media platforms, that allows you to tell each and every customer the things they need to know – and nothing else.

Using a push-notification approach, we can automatically deliver your message to the people who need to hear it – whether that’s 5,000 people who want to go through your station during major disruption, or 1 person on a train who needs to adjust their route to avoid delays.

Integrated into our full transport network model, our messaging system is fully multi-modal, so can be used to warn travellers of disruption to their journey outside of your own corridors and services. Parking, bus, road and rail issues can all be included, as can condition-based warnings such as weather, all mapped to the journeys the user makes at the times they make them – and nothing else.

Can be integrated into Twitter, Messenger, Mobile App and web.

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