Personalised Route Planner

Journey planning has become a commoditised product – it’s not new, nor is it very exciting any more. We didn’t set out to produce a journey planning platform until we realised just how bad everybody else’s was! Most journey planners treat all customers the same way and cannot be customised to the fluctuating and complex needs of the transport network. Worse, none of them provide you with the analytics you need to design and develop better services or to provide ROI analysis for development of infrastructure.

Zipabout have developed a personalised Route Planner that can be delivered by API or white-label (mobile app and responsive digital) that supports the way people really move around. Key features include:

  • Live condition-based inputs for road, rail, bus and air
  • Predicted performance of any route – supports parking predictions, traffic, rail disruption
  • Live journey monitoring – constantly watch and replan every user’s journey, so you can route them round disruption before it affects them
  • Learns how the user wants to travel and personalises the results on a 1-to-1 basis (scalable to millions of users)
  • Provides real-world journeys – Lift-share schemes, park and ride, drive to station, mixed mode, healthy living initiatives, low carbon alternatives
  • Supports autonomous vehicle trials
  • Minute-by-minute disruption avoidance, planned or otherwise
  • Live wayfinding for public transport


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