IMaaS for Transport Operators

Intelligent Mobility for Transport Operators

Every movement of every train. Weather and temperature conditions on a mile-by-mile, hour-by-hour basis. Live sentiment on each train or bus. Bus movements, road traffic, holidays and events – all layered into one large data platform that allows you to match effects with causes. Is there a link between the price of copper, the darkness of the night and the theft of cables? Which car parks fill up when it rains and the kids are back at school? Do regular saturday shoppers stay at home when the sun comes out, the call of the barbecue beating the call of the Bullring?

And most importantly of all – how can you talk to those shoppers?

Customer Experience Management

Our Customer Experience tools do much more than just tell you how many people tweeted you today, or that passengers are grumpy when there is any disruption. You don’t need us to tell you that.

But what about the things that they don’t tell you? The asset failures and customer services issues? Or the modal interchanges between your network and the next part of their journey?

Zipabout analyse every part of the passenger experience – before and after they travel you. We normalise the data and spot the anomalies and their causes, allowing you to avoid them in the future.

Disruption Management

We’re already watching every service you run, every time it runs. Every bus and every train. Every major road.

What’s more, we’re monitoring everything that affects your services. Weather. Events. Holidays. Football matches. Even the other services that may get in the way or add pressure. We’ve been watching them for a few years now and often we already know what causes your customer experience problems.

Sustained rainfall 5 miles away that takes 3 days to drain to the embankment, resulting in delays and cancellations. Roads that grind to a halt when things go wrong. The freight-trains that stumble across your express services without so much as an apology, and the parking issues that mean people miss their connection.

We can tell you when we see it coming. Better still we can tell the customers that need to know.

Capacity optimisation and behavioural change

We understand that increased capacity is not just about bigger, more frequent services. In fact, we know that’s probably the last thing you want to invest in. We also understand that the high-profile bottle-necks and overcrowded services only make up a small proportion of the services you run.

It makes far more sense to identify the customers that could feasibly use other services and to start talking to them doesn’t it? Spread the peak a little, ease demand at key points, manage demand in different conditions… You may only need to reduce the amount of customers who get on one or two services from one or two stops or stations each morning, or just even out demand across a couple of different services. But how do you even identify who gets on where, let alone start talking to them and finding out what’s important to them?

Zipabout allows you to have a real, two-way relationship with your customers. We can help you understand what their whole journey is like, and where they have flexibility – and then we can talk to them for you.

Personalised marketing support


Two for one deals in London. Inspirational. Visit the Tower of London again. Go to Bath. Spend 5 hours trying to get to Alton Towers. Seriously, do the returns even cover the cost of the posters?

How about doing something a bit more intelligent? How about matching people to things they actually want to do, and helping them get there? What about promoting a local village fete to the people who might consider going one stop down the line for some tea and cake? Or perhaps connecting the local cheese festival to the cheese lovers of a region? Or banish those half-term blues by getting them out of the house and into the local museums on some of your underused services?

Zipabout can support your campaigns on a micro-targeted basis. We create campaigns around a specific service or region, creating reasons to travel that your customers will actually be interested in.

Performance and Business Intelligence

Think of our platform as a partner for your own Business Intelligence systems, allowing you to add your own data in order to find answers to some of those trickier questions. We may already have some insights into your network that we can share with you, and we can probably help you identify – and most importantly – predict disruption and asset failure. But we can do much more than that.

We can measure ROI and let you monitor pilot programmes without spending millions of pounds. What’s more, we can show you the results almost immediately – without having to wait 6 months for someone to carry out a survey or sit by the side of the road and count people and cars going past. We can even add historic data, or connect you to the people who are specifically affected by it – and we can wrap it all up into easy-to-use interactive reports.


Transport On Demand & Smart Ticketing

Dynamic Bus routes. Flexible Timetables. Transport on Demand. Total door-to-door integration – yes, even with Uber.

There’s a lot of hype around the transport systems of the future, and a lot of time and money going into thinking about what it might look like, but how much of it is actually that hard to do?

We believe that if you have the right information a lot of it is achievable right now. Zipabout can provide you with that information and help shape the future of your network today.

That's nothing.

If you want to see what we can really do, drop us a line.

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