Intelligent Mobility for consumers

Intelligent Mobility for consumers

You have hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of customers to look after. Each one of them needs the best advice for them, at a time that suits them, in the way that suits them. Where do you begin?

We can help you talk to your customers. Not by tweeting them, or hoping that they spot yet another needle in a haystack, but directly talk to them. And we can do it in a way that helps both of you. We can help deliver what each customer actually wants – fully personalised customer service. The advice that keeps them moving in the way that suits them best.


Personal door-to-door service

Personal & service-level communication

Push not Pull

Predict and prevent

Real reasons to travel

Reward behavioural change


Door to door


Door-to-door. First mile / last mile. It took a while but these are now phrases everyone is familiar with. The problem is there’s still no intelligence in it.

What use is a journey plan that takes you to a full car park, or gets you stuck in traffic so you miss your flight? What use is a journey plan that puts you on a bus or train you know will be late, or that neglects to tell you that you won’t be able to get home the same way? Or a journey planner that can’t deal with the concept of driving to a station or park and ride, let alone make sure you come back to your car?

Zipabout monitor every bit of every journey and all of the things that can cause a problem with it – then we tell the people it will matter to. Meaning you don’t have to.


Personalised & service-level communication


If your comms strategy relies on frantically tweeting everything you can think of out to an audience of thousands and frantically dealing with the small percentage who shout something back, then you don’t need us to tell you you’re fighting a losing battle.

We can help you talk to your customers again. Talk to them properly. Tell them what they need to know and listen to what they have to say back in a way that makes everybody happier. And we don’t need a hashtag to do it.

For example, we can give you service level communication – i.e. we can help you talk to people on a specific service, be it train, bus, flight or ship. Better still, we can help you talk to the people who aren’t yet on it but will be later – so we can warn them of disruption before it affects them. We can even talk to just the people who will be affected by specific incidents – perhaps those who will miss their connection, or who may have specific needs – without drowning your message in a sea of alerts they don’t care about. And the more you get to know them, the more relevant you can be. They’ll appreciate it too.


Push, not Pull


At some point in the last few years, the general strategy for managing disruption and demand seems to have boiled down to re-badging a journey planner and tweeting live alerts. Which works perfectly for those travellers who constantly check their journey plan over and over again whilst reading every single thing you tweet and working out if it affects them.

For the other people – for example those who already know how to get to work, or those who have checked their journey in advance and remember it – there is no way of telling them that there may be a problem until it’s too late. There’s no way of suggesting an alternative solution that might get them to their meeting in time, or give them choices before they leave home.

That’s why Zipabout was designed from the ground up to be a truly personalised ‘push’ service – pushing important information to the people that need it.


Predict & Prevent


We’re already watching every service you run, every time it runs. Every bus and every train. Every major road.

What’s more, we’re monitoring everything that affects your services. Weather. Events. Holidays. Football matches. Even the other services that may get in the way or add pressure. We’ve been watching them for a few years now and often we already know what causes your customer experience problems – in territories and countries where we haven’t yet deployed our platform we can even import your historic data.

Sustained rainfall 5 miles away that takes 3 days to drain to the embankment. Roads that grind to a halt when things go wrong. The freight-trains that stumble across your express services without so much as an apology, and the parking issues that mean people miss their connections.

We can tell you when we see it coming. Better still we can tell the customers that need to know, without bothering the customers that don’t need to know.

Real reasons to travel

Two for one deals in London. Inspirational. Visit the Tower of London again. Go to Bath. Spend 5 hours trying to get to Alton Towers. Seriously, do the returns even cover the cost of the posters?

How about doing something a bit more intelligent? How about matching people to things they actually want to do, and helping them get there? What about promoting a local village fete to the people who might consider going one stop down the line for some tea and cake? Or perhaps connecting the local cheese festival to the cheese lovers of a region? Or banish those half-term blues by getting them out of the house and into the local museums on some of your underused services?

Zipabout can support your campaigns on a micro-targeted basis. We can campaigns around a specific service or region, creating real reasons to travel that your customers will actually be interested in.

Reward behavioural change

Optimising your network is a partnership. You need your customers to think differently about how they travel, and you’d be surprised how many of them are willing to try – but they need your help to find the right options and they deserve rewarding if they agree to help you.

Rewarding loyalty and behavioural change is not a new idea, but doing it intelligently is. Aligning rewards with both the customer’s interests and the needs of the network is a fine art, and one that needs a good relationship with the customer. That’s where we come in.

That's nothing.

If you want to see what we can really do, drop us a line.

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