IMaaS for Local authorities, airports and Infrastructure owners

Intelligent Mobility for Local Authorities and Infrastructure owners

Keeping everything running smoothly isn’t easy when you don’t control the transport services that service your region, your airports or your hospitals.

How do you know who will make it in time for each flight or sailing or who is definitely going to miss it?
How do you prioritise a full, late bus through the city centre over an early, empty bus?
How do you control congestion leaving the business parks or improve air quality on a busy bank holiday?
How do you provide relevant, live information to millions of people with different requirements?

Intelligent Mobility dashboard

Door-to-door control

Airports and Infrastucture

ROI and small-scale pilots

Congestion & Air Quality


Intelligent Mobility dashboard

There’s a lot of talk about Intelligent Mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) at the moment, but where do you begin? How do you take the first steps in transforming your current systems without spending millions on projects that may or may not yield the results you need? How do you begin those Smart City programmes unless everything is already integrated in one place?

We don’t believe Intelligent Mobility is a new thing, we think it’s just the latest evolution of the transport network, taking advantage of the leaps in technology that have presented new ways of solving old problems. But whatever you think it is, one thing is certain – you can’t do anything until you have all of the data you need in a format that you can understand.

That’s why we are developing the Zipabout IM Dashboard. Easy to deploy without huge investment and expense, it can identify and predict the pain points and hot spots that affect you. What you do next is up to you, but until you have that complete picture it can only be guesswork.

Integrated door-to-door control

Zipabout is not a journey planner – although we can help with that too – it’s an intelligent data service that can work with your existing systems so they are actually useful again. We can even create a relationship with your users that you don’t currently own – the people who use your roads or the people who catch flights from your airports. 

What use is a journey plan that takes you to a full car park, or gets you stuck in traffic so you miss your flight? What use is a journey plan that puts you on a bus that will be late because there has been an accident, or that neglects to tell you that you won’t be able to get home the same way? Zipabout monitor every bit of every journey and all of the things that can cause a problem with it – then we tell you what the likely impact will be, and we tell them how to avoid it.


Airports and Infrastructure


How do you manage disruption when you don’t manage the things that cause the disruption? Road and rail delays, accidents and weather – or simply bad planning? How can you allocate resources to manage bottlenecks before they become bottlenecks?

Zipabout works with your existing systems to help your users navigate around the disruption whilst keeping you informed of what’s going on. Accident on the M4 holding up passengers so you need to open another security gate when they arrive? Warning people to leave on time when you know there are problems, or helping with wayfinding when you need them to move through in a hurry?

We can help.

Meaningful ROI measurement

Our clients have told us how hard it is to make a business case for non-traditional investment, particularly when funding comes from traditional agencies such as the DfT or similar. How can you really measure the ROI on a small inner-city improvement, or gauge the effects of crowd management through your departures hall? How do you make a case for larger investment?

It’s one thing to have all the transport data, but what are people saying about it? How does it affect them, and what knock-on effects – good or bad – is it having elsewhere?

We can help you identify the changes that will yield the best results and then measure the impact for you.


Take control of congestion and air quality

We understand that increased capacity is not just about bigger, more frequent services. In fact, we know that’s probably the last thing you want to invest in. We also understand that the high-profile bottle-necks and overcrowded services only make up a small proportion of the services you run.

It makes far more sense to identify the customers that could feasibly use other services and to start talking to them doesn’t it? Spread the peak a little, ease demand at key points, manage demand in different conditions… You may only need to reduce the amount of customers who get on one or two services from one or two stops or stations each morning, or just even out demand across a couple of different services. But how do you even identify who gets on where, let alone start talking to them and finding out what’s important to them?

Zipabout allows you to have a real, two-way relationship with customers. We can help you understand what their whole journey is like, and where they have flexibility – and then we can talk to them for you.

That's nothing.

If you want to see what we can really do, drop us a line.

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