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Door-to-door intelligence

Although primarily rail-focussed, our Journey Health Check looks at all the possible options for you Рnot just from the nearest station

Predictive performance

We know everything that has happened to your train in the last couple of years. We know how likely today’s conditions are to cause you a problem – so we show you average delay, sentiment and likelihood of cancellation under current conditions.

Comfort & Conditions

Using our live sentiment analysis, and working with Transport Focus to refine and categorise the data, we know what people usually say about your train – and what they’re saying right now.

Quality Of Service: A rail journey health-check

Collaborating¬†with the Customer Experience team at the Transport Systems Catapult and the DfT, we wanted to develop a prototype service that allowed the rail passenger an element of choice in their journey experience. Any journey planner can tell you how to get from A to B, but we wanted to see if we could also suggest going from C to B if we thought A to B might be less than ideal today…

The result is the beta version – more a proof of concept – of our Quality Of Service tool. Using an underlying door-to-door journey planner, it checks your local area for alternative stations, operators and lines and then presents you with choices based on their usual performance, customer experience and predicted disruption. Currently just for Rail, we will soon be including our road and bus data for a full QOS picture of any journey in the country.

Live operational overview

Every train in the counrty. Live.
Every tweet from every train and station in the country. Live.
Average conditional performance for every train in the country. Live.
2 years of minute by minute data, visible in real-time.

Beats following operators on twitter and counting hashtags doesn’t it?

Historic analysis

With over 2 years of operational and conditional data, the DfT reporting tools allow the user to analyse any combination of customer experience, delay or cancellation attribution and weather conditions in a simple interface. Anomalies and hotspots soon become apparent.

That's nothing.

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