2-Way Communications

Based on our Personalised Transport Information service, our 2-Way Communications service adds a dynamic communication channel that allows you to engage with your passengers on a one-to-one basis.

Using a complex system of behavioural triggers, communications can be initiated based on travel patterns, disruption, behaviour or service performance. Ask your passengers the questions you need answers to, delivered unobtrusively and in keeping with each individual’s preferred voice and style.

  • Gather customer experience post-disruption
  • Talk to passengers who share a single platform, service or habit
  • Automate and validate Delay Repay
  • Drip-feed surveys across the network, or gather regular live feedback
  • Measure the impact of your other campaigns and initiatives
  • Ask individual travellers about their experience – did they get a parking space, or a seat? Is there anything else you can help them with? Have they been kept informed about their journey?
  • Identify problems and deal with them before they escalate

Works with Twitter, Messenger, Mobile App and web

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