We are the data-processing platform behind Intelligent Mobility

We understand every iteration of the transport network and passenger behaviour, and we communicate it on a personal level at unlimited scale

Making networks run more efficiently

We deliver increased business intelligence on a level not currently possible elsewhere, so operators can reduce costs, optimise capacity and network efficiency.

True personalisation

Our personalisation technology tailors ALL content on an individual basis. Our two-way communications allows for personalised journey plans, targeted marketing and behavioural change programmes aligned to overall strategic aims.


Enabling better communication

We are a communications company within the transport sphere. Our behaviour and data modelling and analytics enables a much needed revolution in transport industry communication.

Understanding behaviour

We are the only company to obtain the complete picture of user behaviour at an individual and service level – we understand the travel patterns of every traveller, their needs and the reasons they make the choices they do.

Groundbreaking technology

Our platform combines advanced technologies from other sectors with machine-learning techniques and highly detailed big data sets to deliver operational, environmental and behavioural information for both passengers and transport operators. We enable them to identify patterns, influence behaviour and predict disruption.

Unprecedented data processing

We process and normalise billions of pieces of data in real time covering anything that can affect, or is affected by, an entire transport network. What’s more, our platform is elastically scalable.